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What we do

At Migrate Success, we help skilled migrants fast track their integration into Australian society and the workforce, by developing their communication, teamwork and socialising skills, and equipping them with a better understanding of Australian corporate workplace culture, behaviours and expectations.


How we help

We run professional workshops and conduct one-to-one coaching programs which are tailored to the needs of each individual at their own pace.

Check out the 'Programs' tab above for a list of professional workshops and individual coaching programs.


Who will benefit

We help jobseekers to compete for professional jobs, including:
• Skilled migrants
• International University students staying on for work
• Local University students who recently migrated to Australia
• People preparing to travel to Australia for work in the future.

• Companies who want to provide professional development to staff to improve their understanding of Australian corporate workplace culture and expectations.
• Professional peak and representative organisations who want to improve their members’ understanding of Australian corporate workplace culture and expectations.
•  The business community who can access talented staff with both technical skills to do their job and the ‘soft skills’ to work alongside their colleagues in an Australian workplace.

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Why we help

We want you to celebrate your amazing self and fast track into the Australian way of life so you can share your talents, engage and connect with new friends and colleagues and take more control of your new future.

Put simply we help you just be you... without the unease of cultural differences sometimes brought on by lack of knowledge of the “Aussie way”.

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