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Step up to Your Success©

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them."

- Chris Grosser

What this program is about

The Step up to your Success is our flagship program which many skilled migrants have successfully completed. It is a customised five-step program designed to help you improve your image, get the job you want and integrate into the Australian workplace and community.


How is the program delivered?

We provide individual or group coaching online or face-to-face. We can also develop a customised learning program.

What you will learn

How to:

  • Create a positive image through appropriate attire and body image.

  • Get the job you want by learning successful interview techniques.

  • Improve your business and social skills at work including techno-etiquette.

  • Learn about Australian culture, socialising and the benefits of volunteering.

  • Find out how to network successfully and the art of dining at work functions.


Who will benefit?

  • Local Councils who are looking to support skilled migrants living in their area.

  • Professional, peak bodies helping skilled migrants achieve their business goals

  • Organisations with staff who want to improve their ‘soft skills’, such as business communication and interaction.

  • Newly arrived migrant professionals who want to upskill so they can integrate seamlessly into the workplace and local community.

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