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Networking for Success

“Networking is essential for you to succeed in your career and society - even more so when you are a migrant.

Networking can help you create important business contacts and maybe even land you your dream job”

- Soraya Raju, Founder Migrate Success

What this program is about

The Networking for Success program helps you to:

  • create a circle of influence

  • build rapport and trust

  • do business with people you like and trust


How is the program delivered?

We provide individual or group coaching online or face-to-face. We can also develop a customised learning program.


What you will learn?

In this workshop you will discover:

  • How good is your networking? Is it producing results?

  • What does your business card say about you?

  • What does your body language convey?

  • How do you prepare before coming to a network meeting?

  • What do you do after the networking event to follow up?

  • Online networking – are you ready? Are you making the right impression?


Who should attend?

  • Migrant professionals – seeking to create a great, first impression.

  • Small business owners looking to widen their business contacts.

  • Anyone entering or re-entering the workforce.


“What a terrific, interactive workshop this morning presented by Soraya Raju of Migrate Success at North Ryde Golf Club. The Art of Networking covered many aspects of this important part of your business, down to what business card designs work and what don’t and the important issue of how best to juggle food, wine and handshakes (oh, and HOW to handshake).

Soraya covered the awkward things that hold people back at networking events: how to find someone to start a conversation with, and how to finish that conversation when you’ve had enough. How to integrate into a group of other people – standing close to a group of three or more is fine as you will be taken into the group, but best not to interrupt two people chatting together.

How to listen to the person you’re talking to and when is an appropriate time to ask for a business card. And little tricks to help you remember that person at a later time and impress them that you remembered so much about them. (We’re not giving that one away; you’ll have to talk to Soraya.)

Soraya is the networker’s networker; she is building her contact base by attending functions on a weekly basis and has worldwide connections as a result. Soraya was firm in convincing attendees that considering networking a part of your business, and not just something to do when you have time, is the way forward to success and growing your contacts.

We know our attendees enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. Thank you, Soraya!

Sabrina Ferguson

Riverside Business Chamber

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