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Dining and Social Etiquette

“Coming from another country, I was fortunate to have had dining etiquette training during my final school years. It helped me during my corporate career, attending various important Board and client lunches, to make that important first impression and allowing me to talk without worrying about my table manners.”

- Soraya Raju, Founder Migrate Success

What this program is about

Many of us who come from other countries are not familiar with the Western style of dining and social etiquette, which is also an important form of networking. Similarly, many Westerners are not accustomed to other cultures’ banqueting and social norms. And as we move from formal to casual dining, often in front of the TV, many young people don’t know how to dine and socialise when they enter the workforce.

This workshop will help you, your staff or your young adults find out everything they need to know about dining and social etiquette in public or at business functions.


How is the program delivered?

We provide individual or group coaching online or face-to-face. We can also develop a customised learning program.


What you will learn?

A hands-on workshop where you will learn valuable information from how to converse with strangers over cocktails to how to use your cutlery correctly at dinner. You will also learn the secrets of communal-dining, such as how to eat yum cha in a Chinese restaurant. This can be followed by a dinner to practise your skills. You will never feel awkward again!


Who should attend?

  • Migrant professionals

  • Business professionals

  • Those entering the workforce

  • High school students


“Thank you, Soraya for a fabulous dining and social etiquette workshop for the Australia International Pageant contestants. The girls loved your workshop, your humour and anecdotes. You are an excellent presenter. The winners are going onto the World pageant representing Australia and will be attending important fund-raising functions where dining and social skills are needed. Your workshop will benefit the contestants. The feedback has been excellent.

Soraya is hands-on with her workshop with case studies and with just the right amount of humour to keep her attendees interested. Moreover, Soraya is always impeccably groomed and has a commanding presence.  I would highly recommend Soraya to any organisation or individuals who would benefit from her workshop."

Ferial Youakim
President of #AICI, ByFERIAL Founder, Book Author of Beyond Beauty:

A Refugee's Journey in Pursuit of Happiness
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I had the privilege and honour of attending a dining etiquette class by Soraya Raju. I learned the importance of dining manners and how it creates a good image when I am dealing with clients and sponsors.She is an amazing presenter with so much knowledge. Her class was educational, full of humour with practical examples and hands-on as dinner was served and she patient corrected us and explained.Thank you, Soraya for teaching all about dining manners. We all need it in our lives and work. I highly recommend people to attend one of her classes.”

Kathryn Nair

Goodwill Ambassador Australia International Pageant 2017

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