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Other Workshops (Reviews)


“Thank you for inviting me to attend your workshop on networking in May 2018. I found your presentation engaging with both visuals and case studies allowing me to relate to your presentation on a personal level. The session length was good and your humour and energy made the session very pleasant to experience. I learnt the basics of introducing myself to more than 1 person at a time which I have implemented into my business. Having a name badge on, placed on the left of my jacket to enhance its prominence, always having a business card or two on my person, and doing it with a smile increase chances of being remembered by potential clients in the future. I will recommend your presentation and business culture styles to others if they are considering fine-tuning their business approachability.”

Russell Sheffield

“What a terrific, interactive workshop this morning presented by Soraya Raju of Migrate Success at North Ryde Golf Club. The Art of Networking covered many aspects of this important part of your business, down to what business card designs work and what don’t and the important issue of how best to juggle food, wine and handshakes (oh, and HOW to handshake).

Soraya covered the awkward things that hold people back at networking events: how to find someone to start a conversation with, and how to finish that conversation when you’ve had enough. How to integrate into a group of other people – standing close to a group of three or more is fine as you will be taken into the group, but best not to interrupt two people chatting together. How to listen to the person you’re talking to and when is an appropriate time to ask for a business card. And little tricks to help you remember that person at a later time and impress them that you remembered so much about them. (We’re not giving that one away; you’ll have to talk to Soraya.)

Soraya is the networker’s networker; she is building her contact base by attending functions on a weekly basis and has worldwide connections as a result. Soraya was firm in convincing attendees that considering networking a part of your business, and not just something to do when you have time, is the way forward to success and growing your contacts.

We know our attendees enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. Thank you, Soraya!

Sabrina Ferguson

Riverside Business Chamber


Dining layout.JPG

“Thank you, Soraya for a fabulous dining and social etiquette workshop for the Australia International Pageant contestants. The girls loved your workshop, your humour and anecdotes. You are an excellent presenter. The winners are going onto the World pageant representing Australia and will be attending important fund-raising functions where dining and social skills are needed. Your workshop will benefit the contestants. The feedback has been excellent.
Soraya is hands-on with her workshop with case studies and with just the right amount of humour to keep her attendees interested. Moreover, Soraya is always impeccably groomed and has a commanding presence.  I would highly recommend Soraya to any organisation or individuals who would benefit from her workshop."

Ferial Youakim
President of #AICI, ByFERIAL Founder, Book Author of Beyond Beauty:

A Refugee's Journey in Pursuit of Happiness
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

IMG_6748 (002).jpg

“I had the privilege and honour of attending a dining etiquette class by Soraya Raju. I learned the importance of dining manners and how it creates a good image when I am dealing with clients and sponsors.
She is an amazing presenter with so much knowledge. Her class was educational, full of humour with practical examples and hands-on as dinner was served and she patient corrected us and explained.
Thank you, Soraya for teaching all about dining manners. We all need it in our lives and work. I highly recommend people to attend one of her classes.”

Kathryn Nair

Goodwill Ambassador Australia International Pageant 2017


"I sought Soraya’s expert corporate styling advice when preparing my wardrobe for a position with a top-tier international law firm’s Sydney offices. I had worked for similar firms in Jakarta and Singapore, but with a completely different climate to dress for I needed help to adapt my style. Soraya has a gift for matching colours and textures so cleverly that within a 2-hour session, she had helped me to build 10 entirely fresh yet professional looks from my existing pieces, that I now wear week-to-week. With Soraya’s tips, I’ve shaved valuable time from my morning routine. What a blessing. Soraya is not only the ultimate professional but also great fun to work with. I can’t recommend her enough."

Elizabeth James

"Soraya’s experience in the corporate world is unique in the world of stylists and personal branding. She knows what works and what is appropriate from the office, to networking to business dinners. Her advice has helped me express who I am as a business person and present myself in a way that is both authentic and appropriate."

Jean Kropper

Riverside Business Chamber


It is with great pleasure that I write this in support of Soraya Raju. In the context of wanting to raise money for a housing project through the church in the Philippines, Soraya generously volunteered her time and expertise, by putting on an evening for the women in our community. As well as raising money, we had a great night full of fun and laughter.

Soraya was confident and professional at all times. Her presentation skills were excellent. AS she led us through the attractive PPT slides, she spoke to each heading and communicated well to get here points across. She was able to treat topics with sensitivity and humour. Not only that, she treated the women with respect and encouraged them. Her presentation touched on the importance of colour, body shapes, accessories, wardrobe maintenance and grooming.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Soraya to anyone who needs a Speaker.

Lois Rees

West Epping Uniting Church

Soraya’s address to Rotary Club of Kings Cross Inc after-dinner was well-received by a full house. Her topic: the importance of presentation and making that first impression an excellent impression. Good dress-sense is not simply wearing designer labels. Style can be more personal than that if you know the rules. As you’d expect from a former Area Governor for Toastmasters, Soraya captivated her audience, delivering a stimulating and amusing talk. (Loved the Princess Ann story!).


Highly recommended as an after-dinner speaker, we look forward very much to Soraya rejoining us on a future occasion.

Philip Sutherland

Commercial Lawyer

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