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Personal Branding

“It takes 30 seconds to make a lasting impression. In today’s competitive business environment, a positive first impression can make all the difference. It can mean the difference between a successful job interview and a rejection or a deal sealed or losing out to your competitor.

A strong personal brand helps you project confidence in yourself and in your ability to perform and engage effectively with clients, customers and colleagues”

- Soraya Raju, Founder Migrate Success

What this program is about

The Personal Branding program combines a personally-styled wardrobe which suits your individual personality. Learn how to present yourself in the best possible light for business or pleasure.

How is the program delivered?

We provide individual or group coaching online or face-to-face. We can also develop a customised learning program.

What you will learn?

  • What is your personal brand?

  • What are your best colours?

  • What style suits your body, lifestyle and work?

  • What are the elements of a successful image?

  • Which clothes are right for each occasion?

  • How to be noticed as someone confident, successful and worth knowing?

  • Why your clothes are an investment towards your success?


Who should attend?

  • Migrant professionals who are looking to create a great first impression.

  • Anyone entering or re-entering the workforce

  • Those looking to improve confidence in their image


"I sought Soraya’s expert corporate styling advice when preparing my wardrobe for a position with a top-tier international law firm’s Sydney offices. I had worked for similar firms in Jakarta and Singapore, but with a completely different climate to dress for I needed help to adapt my style. Soraya has a gift for matching colours and textures so cleverly that within a 2-hour session, she had helped me to build 10 entirely fresh yet professional looks from my existing pieces, that I now wear week-to-week. With Soraya’s tips, I’ve shaved valuable time from my morning routine. What a blessing. Soraya is not only the ultimate professional but also great fun to work with. I can’t recommend her enough."

Elizabeth James

"Soraya’s experience in the corporate world is unique in the world of stylists and personal branding. She knows what works and what is appropriate from the office, to networking to business dinners. Her advice has helped me express who I am as a business person and present myself in a way that is both authentic and appropriate."

Jean Kropper

Riverside Business Chamber

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