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Caring Child

Giving Back


English coaching

for young migrant students

My passion and goal is to help young students become global citizens and a vital part of Australia.
As a  CELTA  qualified teacher of English as a second language, I have helped many migrant children improve their spoken English. I have also taught them about the Australian culture and introduced them to lifetime skills, such as critical thinking.
I am currently coaching a young Chinese boy in Year 6 who has won a Speech Contest.  This has increased his self-esteem and confidence both at school and in the community.

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Dress For Success

Migrate Success is a supporter of, and volunteer for, Dress For Success, an organisation dedicated to the empowerment of women from disadvantaged backgrounds or the long term unemployed. Dress For Success prepares women with wardrobe essentials for interviews and also techniques to skill them in the workplace.


West Epping Uniting Church

Soraya volunteers her services by teaching English as a second language to migrants and refugees.

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Miss Australia International Pageants 2017

“Mrs, Ms, Miss & Miss Teen Australia International is a competition that recognises gifted women from across the continent. Unlike pageants that focus mainly on beauty, this contest emphasises the talents, the accomplishments, the personalities, and the societal contributions of its participants.
Migrate Success is proud to be a sponsor of this prestigious event and act as a judge on the judging panel for the 2017 awards

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