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Step up to Your Success©  (Reviews)

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“It was a pleasure and a big fortune for me to meet Soraya. I received lots of useful information from her Migrate Success workshops (“Mondays with Soraya”). Now I know a lot of tips for writing a good resume and a cover letter and the golden rules for an interview. Also, I have met new interesting people and had a great opportunity to share our experience with job seeking and volunteering. With Soraya’s help, I have become more confident and hope to fit in Australian society and make a contribution to the future of this great country.”

Yulia Yevchenko (Russia)

GIS Analyst | Spatial Data Analyst | GIS Officer | Cartographer | GeoApps Developer | ArcGIS | Teacher of Geoinformatics

“Thank you so much for the 'Mondays with Soraya’' program at the Ryde Library. The sessions were very informative and extremely helpful.

While I did know, that things will be different in a new country, I was feeling lost. The ‘Mondays with Soraya’ workshops clarified a lot of doubts regarding writing a CV, applying for jobs and networking & connecting with people.
‘Step up to your Image’, was my favourite part.

My interactions with you and all the other participants made the whole experience very rewarding. Your anecdotes and personal interest in each of us independently, was the cherry on the cake. Thank you for giving me the confidence to build a new life in Australia.”

Sonali Pathak (India)

“Soraya is an inspirational speaker and an amazing life-changing coach. Having worked for big organisations, Soraya has very high professional and business exposure which coupled with impressive insights into cultural differences helped her to capitalise on these strengths to develop a program which helps individuals and companies to utilise the hidden power of diversity and inclusion and add value to the society and communities. I highly recommend Soraya for any work related to cultural coaching, personal branding and workforce induction and mentoring.”

Khalid Sawalha  (Syria)
Consultant - Human Capital Organisation Transformation at Deloitte

"Thank you so much for the 'Mondays with Soraya’' workshops. I really enjoyed all the workshops and found it very beneficial. I learned so much about Australian culture and understanding Australians. Lots of useful slangs were learned during the workshops. I understand Aussie slangs are very useful in making communication with others.


How dressing is important? I think that is one of the most important materials in this workshop, because it gives you a practical framework for dressing in different situations and also I think it is very useful for someone new here like me to know the appropriate way for dressing up.


Your personal interest in each one of us was very special – especially your tips and personal experiences. I was able to get lots of interviews from your help. I am ready to share my experience in job hunting in your next workshop. I also enjoyed meeting with people from many countries and learning from their experiences.


Thank you for giving me the confidence to start a new life in Australia.”

Soheil Parvinru (Iran)

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“Thank you for allowing me to attend last night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was a delight to see such talented people wishing to contribute. I found the course relevant and more important it seemed from the feedback and heartfelt conversations that your attendees valued the information delivered in a safe and accepting environment.

Thank you for letting me be the typical Australian at the end.”

Simon Ainsworth

MD Eden Gardens


“Just wanted to let you know that I have got a permanent job from 3 Feb in a graduate program with DHL. The program runs for two years. I thought I should let you know this happy news because  I did use the tips I learnt from your workshops. Not a lot of international students make it to graduate programs and I’m so lucky to have got in

Ajit Sntosh


“The Transition to Work class at Navitas English Auburn benefitted a great deal from Soraya’s program ‘Putting Your Best Foot Forward’. The key learning outcomes of Look, Act & Belong were achieved through a range of well-planned activities incorporating role play, discussion, video clips and group work.

Soraya’s passion for assisting migrants to succeed in Australia, as well as her dynamic approach and comfortable interaction with the class, resulted in rapport with students who quickly became fully engaged in the workshop. The feedback from our students was extremely positive in terms of gaining confidence and being better prepared for their two-week work experience.

Thank you, Soraya for your professionalism and modelling of Putting Your Best Foot Forward through the modules Look, Act and Belong.”

Genevieve Lewis
Academic Manager Navitas English Auburn

“It’s been a great privilege knowing Soraya. She has been a wonderful mentor for me and has provided invaluable insights especially when I moved first to this country. I had the opportunity to attend her Migrate Success Workshop “Put your best foot forward” – where I personally learned so much about Australian work culture and was inspired by her successful journey in the corporate world as a new migrant. She basically covered all the aspects (right from networking, interviewing skills, public speaking to creating those lasting impressions etc).

I would highly recommend Soraya’s workshop and program to anyone who wants to succeed in Australia’s multicultural work environment as her program will help migrant professionals to integrate well into the Australian way of life.”

Priya Venkitachelam
Senior Manager, Service Improvement, Transport NSW

“Coming to a new country was difficult. I didn’t speak English well and I had to deal with Australians with my business matters. I felt isolated and frustrated trying to understand the Australian humour and way of doing business.  

Soraya has a great knowledge of Chinese and Australian cultures. She is kind, a natural teacher and helped me to integrate into Australia. Doing business has become easier. I would recommend Soraya’s mentoring and coaching to anyone I came to Australia and started working in a corporate environment in the IT industry. Even though I was a professional from Korea, I found business meetings and the way it was conducted very differently from what I was used to. In addition, I couldn’t understand the way Australian’s speak.

Soraya helped me to understand Australian culture and humour, particularly in the areas of business and social etiquette. Soraya is patient, has a good understanding of different cultures and easy to work with. Thank you, Soraya for being a great coach.

Soyoung Paik (Korea)

“The Migrate Success workshop 'Put Your Best Foot Forward' delivered more than I could have imagined. From decoding the mysteries of 'business casual,' to invaluable advice with respect to networking, public speaking, interview skills, CV preparation, and career progression, Soraya's specialised 'Look, Act, Belong' (LAB) workshop was detailed yet fun. LAB offered a perfect opportunity to orient me towards work in Australia's corporate environment.


I come from a Caucasian Australian background such that my reasons for undertaking the program extended far beyond a need to 'fit in' in the cultural sense. With years of experience working at a high-level executive capacity, Soraya is uniquely placed to decode the language, misconceptions, and expectations of Australia's corporate elite. The LAB program offers great value to anyone - native or migrating to Australia - whether starting out or coming back to a corporate role. At a time when competition for entry-level corporate positions is cut-throat, Soraya's LAB Workshop should be essential preparation for everyone ready to take the leap.”

Elizabeth James, Law

International Affairs and Communication

“I migrated to Australia from the United States and found many differences in attitudes, language and culture, even though I am from a western culture and speak English. Social protocols, business protocols and the acerbic Australian sense of humour were at times confronting.

Soraya helped me express my personality and my business’s branding in a cohesive way for business communications, dress and presentations.  Her coaching helped me to project confidence. Soraya‘s experience in the Australian corporate world and her success as a migrant was so beneficial. She is supportive and deeply knowledgeable of the many subtle requirements of a migrant to be successful in Australia.”

Jean Kropper (USA)

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